Sunday, March 15, 2009

I'm so new at this I still have vernix....

Ok, so I'm entering the Blogosphere... dipping in my toes here. If my history is any indication, I'll soon be running the place.

So, .... Hello! I'm Mary, a.k.a. "Katie's Mom", or as my email addy says, "ktsmom". My dream life would be to stay home full time, just being a Mom, knitting, reading, playing with babies. Unfortunately, God saw fit to only grace me with a single child (and she's 16 now!), so I'm branching out a bit into other ventures. Like a part time job I started a couple of years ago. Like the web, email, Yahoo Groups, and now.... blogging.

If you really want to know, here are some of my interests and pass-times, in no particular order:

Knitting, reading, homeschooling (UNschooling, really), gardening (currently veggies & 4-season harvesting, but also perennials, shrubs, bulbs,...), free-range chickens, Star Trek, Pern/Ann McCaffrey, Baha'i Faith, meditation, nutrition, cooking, painting (acrylics), bird ID'ing, organizing stuff (or decluttering it), being Mom ("Marmee") to my beloved Precious Angel Baby (Kate), being wife to my darling hubby (Angus), visiting with one or two friends at a time (I'm NOT a crowds person - at all!), the sun of early spring (before the pollen attacks me), autumn - all of it - cool nights, bright leaves, apples, pumpkins, winter squashes...., BEACH (just beach, not the touristy stuff, just the soothing lull of the waves rolling into shore), the first yellow crocus, daffodils, lilacs (even if they do make me sneeze!), mimosa trees, LAVENDER, words - all sorts and varieties (frequent website visits to, weather watching, crochet, pottery, snuggling with my cat(s) and dog(s), .....

Ok. That should tell you lots about me. Howzabout you?

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  1. Congratulations on the incredible weight loss. What are your secrets?

    COngratulations also on the blog. BTW, I think "The Truman Show", referenced in your heading, stars Jim Carrey, not Tom Hanks.